Welcome To MedAssist Corporate Medical Rescue

MedAssist was borne in 2001 out of a necessity for medical assistance within the film production industry. Since then MedAssist has become a house hold name within this industry. Director and owner Donevan Cooper has grown the business to what it is today.

MedAssist now not only provides medical assistance and support services to the film industry but also has become part of the motor sport fraternity. Currently MedAssist is the sole supplier of medical assistance to the Zwartkops International raceway. MedAssist also supplies medical support services to the Tarlton and Mayhem Drag Racing strips.

Through the exceptional growth experienced within the film industry over the past few years MedAssist has seen the same growth often being involved in not only the feature film side of the industry but the making of commercials. Most recently MedAssist was integral in the filming Snitch and Jozi H a Canadian production based on the personal and professional lives of a few trauma doctors based at the Johannesburg general Hospital. MedAssist was not only on set to provide medical assistance services but was also roped in to assist from an advisory perspective to add a feel of realism to the production.

Donevan was also there in 1994 at the inauguration of the first democratic elected President Mr Nelson Mandela supplying medical assistance in his private capacity to the dignitaries attending.

MedAssist is now a fully fledged medical assistance and event management company and has a fleet of fully equipped ambulances that are more than capable of dealing with any eventuality. MedAssist is able to supply medical staff that are all registered with the South African Medical and Dental Council. MedAssist is also in a position to set up disaster plans and will also liaise with all services and hospitals in the vicinity of the event to enable a smooth and seamless resolution to what ever issue should arise.

With MedAssist at your side you will be able to rest assured that what ever the event and what ever issue should arise all will be taken care of in the best interest of all parties concerned.

What makes MedAssist different? Our commitment to customer service, exceptional value for money and an unsurpassed level of care to our clients and patients.